There’s one thing that happens every single day to every single person, your cellphone chimes…well I guess if you enjoy keeping your phone on do not disturb it doesn’t chime but we can forget about that for the sake of this synopsis. Well… I guess that’s kind of a stretch again because you can make the argument, “What if I’m in the middle of the Ocean? My phones not gonna chime!” And THIS is what I’m going to talk about. 

AST Spacemobile Inc. (ASTS) is going to fix the problem of your phone not being able to receive service in the middle of the ocean. The long-term growth capability of this company is astronomical if they achieve all the claims they have made. 

I am a college student and I just got done taking a course this semester in management, one thing my professor told this that stuck with me was this, “There are 2 ways to get rich, you sell a small number of expensive products to rich people, or sell a shit ton of small products to massive markets.” AST Spacemobile is capitalizing on the “shit ton” of small products to a massive market. 

With a quick google search, you can see that 10% of the world does not receive any form of cell phone service, that’s over 760 million people that do not have cell service. My management professor would be eating this company up. 

You may be saying, “Elon Musk is doing the same thing with Starlink.” But I am here to tell you that is not the case, Starlink has satellites that only work when connected to a ground tower. AST is working on providing service with no ground tower at all. Doing this would allow them to service the extreme terrain of Africa, it is extremely hard for service providers to get towers up in Africa because there are not many established roads. This is the same for many countries that do not have service. 

AST Spacemobile (ASTS) is solving a massive problem in an extremely large market. Not only are they providing service to the ones that have never had it before, but they can also be seen as a big player in the freight industry and many jobs where service can cut in and out.

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