Bobble Heads

Funko Pops, everyone’s got one or at least you’ve seen them around before. I wouldn’t call myself a Funko Pop collector but I do enjoy going through the available “Pops” and if I like the one I tend to get it. If you’re someone that doesn’t know what a Funko Pop is, they are small vinyl figurines of popular video game characters, movie characters, they even have a mini Arnold Palmer figurine. 

Funko Pop has decided to move with the times and expand an NFT collection, this is a great move in my opinion. Funko has an almost cult-like following, people love to collect and a lot of people like to show their collections. You may ask, “who collects Funko’s?” and the answer is Millennials, Millennials love these things. 

With millennials beginning to get more money for themselves and more money to spend they are going to be looking where to spend their money and they are going to want to receive a return on investment.

Funko Pops transitioning to the NFT sector was an extremely smart move. The millennial generation loves NFT’s you can see it in NBA Topshot success and popular games like Zed Run. Funko has a recipe for success, with limited numbers of people’s favorite characters, they are bound to have a successful NFT launch. 

Funko has made plans to list their NFT’s on the WAX platform, WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX has many different NFT collections and even allows users to create NFT artwork and list it. Funko seems to be headed in the right direction and have the potential to be a huge name in the NFT sphere.

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