Elementary, my dear Watson

IBM…some may remember IBM as a gamechanger in the technology sector, one of the first companies to ever create the computer for the consumer. IBM is now known as an average corporation that “helps out” the technology world. But IBM could be so much more.

The reason IBM could be so much more comes down to quantum computing, IBM is working tirelessly in the race of quantum computing. What sets IBM above other competitors in the race to quantum is the capital and experience that IBM has. IBM has outstanding engineering teams and the capital to fund any project they want. 

You may ask why quantum computing is even important and to the average citizen, it doesn’t sound that important. But when you look into it deeper you realize that it is important for one thing… Artificial Intelligence. 

Ray Kurzweil who is Google’s director of engineering speculated that computers will reach human-like intelligence by 2029 and AI will achieve singularity around 2045. This may be sped up though, and it may be sped up by quantum computing. 

Goldman Sachs has just predicted that quantum computing is around 5 years away. Quantum computing is necessary for reaching the singularity in AI. Quantum computing allows computers to solve complex problems that not even supercomputers can figure out and will never be able to figure out. Quantum computers harness the power of quantum mechanics which allows computations to be much more complex and deliver faster results. 

With IBM already chasing after this dream of a quantum computer it puts them at the foot of the advancement in artificial intelligence. We all know that artificial intelligence is the future and at this point it’s only down to who is going to get there first.

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