Zoom has been the people’s friend for over a year now, with the pandemic affecting communication in such a large way this past year, Zoom has been the primary form of communication. WIth Zoom earnings coming up this Tuesday I’m willing to bet a lot of investors will have their eyes on Zoom to see the longevity and if it can go higher. 

Zoom has been a large name in the stock market, having a 700% run on a relatively large name stock was something that doesn’t happen frequently. With highs of over $580, this stock had a fantastic bull run over the past years. It has cooled off and is now in the middle $300’s. 

In the last earnings report Zoom reported continuing growth with sales up 369%, but the question is…will we see that growth again?

Most investors are expecting a halt in the growth of the stock, with business slowly transitioning back into a face-to-face setting, the need for zoom is slowly declining. What I can determine is that Zoom has been a large part of so many schools, businesses, and even average people that I don’t think it will be obsolete. WIth making such an impact on so many people and making communication so easy I can say that all hope is not gone. 

Here are my thoughts on this particular company, I believe that there is still money to be made in the company, but I can’t say whether or not I think it’s right now. I think Zoom will continue to be used but not at the rate it’s going. I am a college student and I’m willing to bet universities keep their Zoom subscriptions and use them rather than students going up to the campus for meetings. I think most businesses will continue to use Zoom for their meetings solely on the ease of zoom meetings. What will decline is new members, the new members will take a big hit in my opinion. 

We believe that the stock is in a better position to buy in the $275-$280 range, this is much more attractive than the price the stock is currently at.

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